Lane County Veterinary Medical Association

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Continuing Education Events



1/31/17 Updates on the Management of Canine Osteoarthritis B. Duncan X Lascelles, PhD, CertVA, DACVS  1.0 hour

5/16/17 This, That and The Other: Legislation, Regulation and More. Glenn Kolb   1.0 hour

6/6/17   The Veterinary Role in Animal Cruelty Investigation and Prosecution. Jacob Kamins, AC-DDA   1.0 hour

9/26/17 TBA


1/12/16            Dermatology vignettes and vinaigrettes         Dr. Patricia Ashley  1.0 hour

3/1/16              Canine Respiratory Disease Complex           Dr. Annette Lister 1.0 hr

6/7/16              Compassion Endurance,        Dr. Katy Felton and Kate Davis 2.0 hour

11/1/16            Dental Radiography,   Dr. Andrea van der Wetering 1.0 hour